Odyssey Battery: Power That Moves You

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Leaves are falling, there’s a more intense chill in the air with each new day, and your vehicle is being put to the test daily. That’s right, it’s that time of year when you find out what your car battery is made of. Will your battery survive the cold weather and start every day, or will it fail, leaving you to scramble to replace it?

A man experiencing car trouble. with his car hood up.
This could be you if you don’t have an Odyssey battery.

The good news is that you may be able to avoid being stranded  altogether by investing in a battery that can last up to almost three times longer than your conventional battery. And you can do that by buying an Odyssey battery.

Odyssey batteries are not your average battery. Made specially in Warrensburg, Missouri, Odyssey batteries tend to last longer and provide a better performance for your vehicle. If you’re interested in learning more about them, read on and check Odyssey out here.

How An Odyssey Battery Is Made

The process of making a single Odyssey battery begins simply, with a one-ton block of 99.99% pure lead that’s melted down into a sheet. This is the first place in which Odyssey batteries differentiate themselves. By using lead with less impurities, the Odyssey battery is less likely to corrode on the inside and in turn  can provide more power in the long run.

An Odyssey Performance Series Battery
An Odyssey Performance Series Battery

After the lead is melted down, it’s poured into a sheet that’s one-millimeter thick. The one-millimeter thickness is the second step in which the Odyssey battery differentiates itself. Most batteries are filled with plates that can be up to five times thicker, but Odyssey batteries use Thin Pure Plate Technology to provide a longer charge. With thinner plates, there is room for more plates in the battery and therefore more surface area. Surface area is key because with more surface area, there’s more material to produce electricity. With more electricity, obviously, comes a better, longer lasting battery.

After the sheet is made, it’s then run through a machine that perforates it into a grid and applies a lead-oxide paste. This paste, combined with sulfuric acid later on, is what will help electricity be generated for the battery’s electrical charge. From there, the perforated lead sheet coated in lead-oxide paste is finally cut into plates.

Once the plates are cut, they’re grouped to form battery cells. Each cell is then dipped into yet another pool of lead to create a bond that connects the plates. This will later help electricity to flow throughout the entire battery.

From there, six cells are welded together to form a single battery. These welding points are called inter-cell connectors. Another distinction for the Odyssey battery is that the inter-cell connectors go up and over the cell walls instead of down in the cells. This once again provides more surface area, and as we already determined, with more surface area comes more electricity.

An Odyssey battery.
Odyssey Battery PC680 Extreme Series

Afterwards, the connected and compressed cells are put into a polyester-poly carbonate plastic container. Finally, sulfuric acid is pumped into said container. The sulfuric acid, once in contact with the lead-oxide paste, is what will make electricity.  Once the battery is fully formed, it receives its first charge and is rigorously tested to make sure that it’s ready for use by consumers.

The Advantage of Dry-Cell Batteries

Another thing that differentiates the Odyssey battery is the fact that it’s a dry-cell battery. When sulfuric acid is pumped into the battery, it’s absorbed by special pads at a rate of 92% saturation. This means that if at any point the battery is broken into, it won’t spill out any acid or be a danger to anyone that encounters it while it’s broken. A dry-cell battery will also last longer because it avoids stratification unlike other types of batteries.

With 400 cycles to 80% depth of discharge, meaning that that  there are 400 times that you can drain and then charge your battery before it’s at 80% of its originally held power, it’s no wonder that Odyssey is one of the best batteries on the market. If you’re in the market for a battery that can provide energy for your extra lighting systems or give your specially made stereo system some extra juice, consider an Odyssey battery. You can shop online for one here.

Until next time, happy modding.

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  1. The AGM seems to take up the same amount of space, though it likely weighs less. Assuming it would still allow similar CCA as the flooded, why not make them more compact and take up less volume?

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