How to Install a BedRug BedMat in a Bed

BedRug BedMat Installation
If you don’t know what BedRug makes, skip back a few words and read the name again.  They make rugs for the bed of your truck.  In all fairness, though, a BedRug BedMat is so much stinkin’ more.

Realistically, BedRug installation takes about four and a half minutes.  This is a do it yourself bed liner in the truest sense of the word.  But since management has hooked up electrodes from my seat to my computer to make sure I keep typing or I’ll get the jibblies again, I thought I’d walk you through it.


Step 1: Empty Your Truck Bed

Toss out your sand bags, bungie cords, four-way tire irons, cargo nets, lawn chairs, tarps, firewood, and pirated VHS tapes of Dune before Alan Smithee was listed as the director.  It might also help to sweep out all the gravel, wood chips, and stray Legos (collecting the latter and sending them to me, of course).  Come on.  You’ll feel better.


BedRug BedMat Installation Unrolling

Step 2: Lay out the Bedliner 

Your BedMat will come rolled up, so unroll it in that nice, clean truck bed.  Wheel wells will come fitted, and there are even cutouts for factory tie downs.  Your factory ridges have also been molded into the bottom of the BedRug (though the top remains flat), so it should notch into place.  Try it.  It’s quite satisfying.

The BedMat has a hook-and-loop system stitched into the bottom.  The back of the “hook” side is adhesive, and will stick to two of the ridges in your truck bed.  Note which ridges these are.

BedRug BedMat Installation Cleaning the Surface

Step 3: Don’t Forget to Wipe

For this step, you’ll need alcohol.  I’m not talking about Tequila, rum, scotch, brandy, whisky, vodka, sake, moonshine, beer, champagne, wine, or Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  I’m talking about rubbing alcohol.  Put some on a clean cloth and wipe down those ridges that will house the adhesive hook-and-loop.  This will remove any dust and dirt that could unstick the sticky stuff.

Hook-and-loop, hook-and-loop.  Why does he keep saying “hook-and-loop?”  Why doesn’t he just call it Velcro and save all those poor hyphens?

Well, I’m glad you asked.  It’s not actually Velcro.  It’s better.  This is industrial strength stuff, not the fuzzy thread collector on the back of that free hat and the shoes you can’t wait until you’re old enough to wear again.  So I’m sticking with hook-and-loop.  Don’t worry, the hyphens are well paid.

BedRug BedMat Installation Finished

Step 4: Finish Before You Realize It 

Peel the non-stick backing off of the hook-and-loop strips.  Then lay the BedMat down in the bed, starting from the front and working your way back.  Press firmly on the area over the adhesive to ensure a proper seal.

Then climb out of your truck bed.  Because you’re done.  Or you can just stay in there because that BedMat is actually pretty comfortable.  Now you’re going to be mad, because you’ve just read the whole thing and we made a BedRug installation video you could have just watched instead.

And there you have it: how to install a BedRug bedliner in four easy steps.  Just in time, too.  They’re coming to unhook the electrodes.


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