Husky Liners For Your 2015 Ford F-150

It’s a brand new 2015 Ford F-150.  With an aluminum body that has saved them 700 pounds and a new 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6, Ford has managed to build the most efficient F-Series truck ever, setting a new standard for the industry.  But they don’t do cheap.  That aluminum body is even stronger than the steel, and that 2.7 uses Ford’s EcoBoost technology which is time tested for durability.

Husky Liners for 2015 Ford F-150

The new Ford F-150 will be even more durable than its predecessors, but some durability aspects are up to you.  You have to keep the oil fresh.  You have to keep tread under you.  And you have to protect your carpet.  Whether you’re taking your F-150 on the job site or just driving it around town, the weather, dirt, and spills can chew up your carpet faster than that awesome car crusher you saw on Youtube. Husky Liners has your back.

Husky’s patented Weather Beater floor liner design can hold an insane amount of liquid without spilling, so if you drop your coffee, you won’t be smelling Americano for the next ten years.

Husky laser-scanned the F-150’s floor and used that data in their design, so there are no voids, pedal interruptions, or slides.  After all, a sliding floor mat can wear out carpet just as quickly as your boots.  But to ensure absolutely no movement, Husky includes their patented Stay-Put Nibs, which grab onto your carpet like tiny, plastic pit bulls, and refuse to let go.

Husky Liner WeatherBeater Sta-Put Nibs Floor Mats

Their super-tough, elastometric, triple-extruded plastic is tough enough to armor your F-150’s floor for the rest of that truck’s life.  Which is why Husky offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Husky Liner 19373

So check out our brand new Husky Liners Weather Beaters for the brand new 2015 F-150.  That carpet is factory fresh, and you can keep it that way.  With Husky Liners.

Husky Liners Black Floor Liners: Front – #18361 | Rear – #19371

Husky Liners Grey Floor Liners: Front – #18362 | Rear – #19372

Husky Liners Tan Floor Liners: Front – #18363 | Rear – #19373

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