Dynomax Cat-Back Exhausts: Not Just for the Street

The rivals inched up to the line, their massive V8s- his a 428, hers a 426- shaking nearby windows and the nerves of small children, even at idle.  Then the lights turned green and the whole world turned to thunder.

Dynomax Exhausts at the King of the Hammers

A pair of tuned, American muscle cars is the general picture we get when we talk about aftermarket exhaust, as if the only vehicles needing the benefits of higher flow are found on the street and strip.  Dynomax is here with their Jeep line to make sure you never forget that you can make just as much thunder off-road as you can on the pavement.

But maybe you’re new to exhaust upgrades.  You know they sound good, but what does a Dynomax cat-back exhaust do for performance?  Imagine you’re running, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth like a disciplined cross country star.  Except now your mouth is full of packing peanuts.  And they’re not the kind made of corn starch that you can just eat.  You’re going to have trouble breathing out.  Eventually your lungs will start to burn and you’ll be forced to slow to a walk and try to explain to people, with a mouth full of packing peanuts, why you have a mouth full of packing peanuts.

Your Jeep probably feels the same way.  Every car comes from the factory with an exhaust system that inhibits flow, sending the exhaust gasses through baffles and insulation to try to quiet the sound.  Thus, your engine has to work harder to push those gasses out, making it less efficient and less powerful.  Remove that with a high flow exhaust from someone like Dynomax, and you’ll make more power and probably even run more efficiently.

Dynomax Exhausts at the King of the Hammers

What’s the catch for all this cheap, easy-to-install power?  Your Jeep exhaust will suddenly sound more awesome.  You’ll get the deeper, more aggressive exhaust growl you thought was always reserved for sports cars.  Manufacturers can’t equip this in the factory because they know that some people don’t like this sound.  You can probably think of a few examples of such people, but let’s stay positive.  Your Jeep isn’t just a mall crawler.  Don’t let it sound like one.

Slide under your Jeep and take a look at the exhaust.  Is it showing any signs of rust yet?  It’s not uncommon for the high heat elements, such as the exhaust, in off-road vehicles to start to develop rust problems.  A Jeep Wrangler exhaust gets submerged fording rivers and splattered with mud that isn’t always washed off right away.  That’s a recipe for rust.

So if you’re replacing your rusted unit, check out a replacement like Dynomax’s Ultraflow Welded cat-back system.  It’s 100% stainless steel, and as the name suggests, it’s welded for top quality durability.

With many exhaust manufacturers, you might have to worry about their off-road units’ durability.  Most take their performance road car exhausts and adapt them to off-road platforms.  That’s not an issue with Dynomax.  They focus just as heavily on the mud-spattered Jeeps and trucks as they do on Mustangs and Camaros.

So where do you go when you want to test and prove your off-road durability?  The woods, maybe?  A quick jaunt through the desert?  Dynomax went straight for the toughest, most brutal and challenging one-day off-road race in the USA: The King of the Hammers.Dynomax Exhausts at the King of the Hammers
The course is only 135 miles, which is short for desert racing, until you realize that these desert racers have to slow down about two dozen times to climb over mountains.  It’s the ultimate combination of desert racing and rock climbing, and a huge percentage of the participants fail to finish every year, mostly because their trucks just break.

Team Dynomax conquered the podium this year, with Loren Healy, Tony Pellegrino, and Bill Baird taking first through third.  In fact, Dynomax drivers took 7 of the top ten spots.  They had to rely on their equipment, with rocks and gravel pummelling them from every direction, and Dynomax pulled through.

You could try to tell those guys that an aftermarket exhaust system is only for street muscle.  But you might learn what “King of the Hammers” really means.  We wouldn’t recommend it.  Find your Jeep’s Dynomax cat-back exhaust system today, and bring the thunder to the dirt.

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