DiabloSport InTune 2015 Applications: SUVs Get Awesome

New DiabloSport Applicaions

You’ve been driving SUVs for a while now, and you’re sick of it. Not your SUV, of course. Your Escalade, Suburban, Tahoe, or Yukon is just as convenient and spacious as the day you bought it. You’re sick of being called a soccer mom (even if you are one), a beige commuter, a conformist. Thankfully, DiabloSport has just released the newest version of their InTune and Trinity tuners, and they’re ready to transform your GM direct-injected V8 SUV into a snarling, rabid monster. Get ready to have a few words with your detractors.

A quick primer on the DiabloSport InTune and Trinity:

For years, DiabloSport sold their brilliant Predator handheld tuner as the perfect, easy solution to get more power out of your engine. But the tech improved, and the Diablo geniuses upgraded with it. The result was their InTune, a revolution in tuning ease.

The InTune provides a touch-screen visual display, powerful tuning, a diagnostic code reader, and even better mileage. It plugs into your computer via USB for quick and easy updates. It logs your parameter data for up to 30 minutes at a time. And there’s even room for custom tunes from one of DiabloSport’s CMR Dealers. Best of all, it’s smaller than a pack of gum. No really, it is. And the price is tiny, too.

DiabloSport Product Size

The Trinity is DiabloSport’s most advanced tuning console. It provides the same power and gas mileage tunes as the InTune, but cranks up the features, shelling out goodies like a virtual drag strip, 0-60 or 0-100 timing, digital gauges, and advanced data logging. It’s all blasted through a brilliant color screen with easy navigation.

But now for the best news. For their 2014 power programmer lineup, DiabloSport has released the Trinity and the InTune for all direct injected V8 GM vehicles. That includes 2014 SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade, GMC Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, and GMC Yukon.

DiabloSport for Cadillacs

Tune, for example, the new Escalade with a Trinity, and you could see a gain of 30 horsepower. In minutes.

DiabloSport’s Chris Harubin is pumped:

“We spent hundreds of hours developing tunes for the 2015 GM SUVs to go with the 2014 GM gas trucks. The tunes will give you more horsepower and torque, improved shifting, and even increase throttle response. GM’s new direct injected V8s have lots of power from the factory, but there was still plenty of power left on the table for us to make even more ‘power you can feel.’”

Find your DiabloSport tuners at StreetSideAuto.com via part number I100 for the InTune or part number T100 for the Trinity.

Come on, kids, we have to stop by the race track on the way to soccer practice. Teach some punks a lesson.

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