Covercraft Evolution – A Bouncer for Your Car

The Covercraft Evolution Car Cover is like a bouncer.  It’s like that guy with the tight black dress tee and the four inch goatee and the tribal face tats.  The guy who made up his mind about you the second you got in line.  The usual lowlifes try to get into the club: moisture, UV rays, dust, pollution, and the twins – dings and scratches – who look even bigger than the bouncer.  But he’s not having any of it.  He boots them all in rapid succession.  But when you get up to him, facing down his 300 lbs of Samoan muscle, he gives you his best impression of a smile, just like management asked, greets you by name, and pulls aside the velvet rope.  “Welcome to the Stingray,” he says.  Here’s how he works.

Covercraft Evolution with Callouts 

The Covercraft Evolution isn’t your parts-store shower cap dust cover.  It’s not made of some kind of almost paper.  It’s made of Kimberly-Clark’s Evolution fabric, which has 4 unique layers.  They’re non-woven to minimize perforation, which means there aren’t many little stitch holes for water to get through.

The whole cover is made of polypropylene, except the inner layer, which is a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene, which is exceedingly soft – softer than Kenny G when he was a month old – to protect your paint from wear.

Covercraft Evolution FabricThis was a difficult balance for Covercraft to strike.  A great car cover is a one-way door.  It has to keep dust, moisture, and UV rays out, but has to let moisture escape, as well.  That’s why you should never cover your car with a tarp or a sheet of plastic.  The moisture will gather beneath and start its orange work.

But how do you let crap out without letting crap in?  It’s probably not druidic sorcery.  Kimberly-Clark’s center two polypropylene layers are manufactured through a process called meltblowing, the details of which they’d probably rather not share with their competition.

The other advantage of this, however, is something you might not expect if you’re new to the world of car covers: padding.  The Covercraft Custom Fit Evolution can actually protect your car from minor dings and scratches.  The outer layer is even constructed stronger so the sharp edges of the neighbor kid’s toys will have more trouble getting through it.  Why is the neighbor kid playing with sharp toys, you ask?  They’re your neighbors.  Ask them.

Covercraft Evolution Diagram

Another thing that won’t be getting through your Evolution?  UV radiation.  You know that annoying stuff the sun fires at us all day long?  It will damage the color in your paint and will fade the finish of your interior.  But the Evolution says no.  Once again, this was a challenge, since it still has to let water out.  How do you let water out without letting light in?  But Covercraft has pulled it off, and the Evolution offers the highest level of UV protection available outside of a garage.  Or inside a garage with a big skylight.

Covercraft Evolution on Car

The Evolution comes with a 4-year warranty and is the #1 bestselling Covercraft car cover.

But enough with the PR, you plead.  It doesn’t matter anyway, because nobody makes a cover for my 1927 LaSalle Series 303!

Nobody except Covercraft, you mean.  They have designs for over 80,000 cars, stretching back all the way to the 1890s.  Also, if you have a ‘27 LeSalle 303, you should be keeping it in a garage with an armed guard.

Or maybe a bouncer like the Evolution.  He’s actually a really cool guy.  He wants to hang out, and if you let him, nobody will mess with you.  Check out all of our awesome Covercraft gear.

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