Biocide Systems: Effortless Stank Destruction

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Biocide Systems get rid of the stink

A friend of mine was once heading back from a local farmers market when she broke an entire gallon jar of fresh milk- on the floor of her station wagon.  Though the cow juice was soaked out of the car as much as possible, the stench of rotten dairy is probably still lingering on, and is probably still permeating the atmosphere of that poor VW, years later.  Short of replacing the carpet, insulation, and sound deadening materials in the cabin, there’s really nothing you can do to get rid of a stench like that, and the car will carry its badge of stank to its rusty pick-a-part grave.

Well, let me amend that.  There was nothing you could do.  Now there’s hope.  We’ve discussed at length how a set of proper floor mats could hold such a capacitous volume, but what about the spills already committed to the clutches of your car’s fabric?  What about those that never even reach the floor mats?

Enter Biocide Systems.

It starts with an ice cream cup.  Not an ice cream cup per se, but a small cardstock cup with a lid that looks like it holds ice cream.  But don’t confuse the two.  Inside the Biocide Quick Release Odor Eliminator kit, there’s a packet of crystallized chemical you won’t want to eat.  You’ll also find a packet of desiccant to keep it dry, because it’s activated by water; and a small measuring cup, so you can activate it.  With water.


What is it?

Biocide Systems Auto Shocker Unboxed

The crystals in the packet, when wet, will release a gas called chlorine dioxide.  The gas will expand throughout your car, its molecules attaching to and destroying odor-causing organic molecules lurking in your carpet, your seats, your headliner, and just about everywhere else.  Since it’s a gas, it goes everywhere air can reach, beyond the scope of what you could wipe or scrub.

But chlorine dioxide isn’t a very sturdy compound.  It tends to break down and dissipate after about 4 hours or so, if it’s not exposed to direct sunlight.  So if you can park your car in the shade for an afternoon and keep it sealed, you can use Biocide to its fullest extent.  And all you have to do is put some water in a cup.


Is it safe?

While chlorine dioxide sounds like something that would be in the center of a pre-EPA, small-town, industrial scandal, it’s actually quite harmless.  It might make your eyes all stingey if you’re directly exposed to it for too long, but that’s about it.  To prevent eye-sting, activate the Biocide kit by pouring in the water, then get out of the car and close all the doors and windows for the 4-hour period.  And since it falls apart so quickly, 20 minutes with your car doors open after use will blow the last remnants of the gas away, leaving only a cup of salt water.

We tried it on Friday and put together this instructional video so you’ll know exactly what to do.  Step-by-step instructions are also included with the kit.

Biocide Systems


So did it work?

Brilliantly.  I was a little skeptical going in.  Sometime in my wagon’s misted past, someone removed the factory roof rack, and instead of installing proper one-piece roof tracks, they simply filled the mounting holes with silicone.  Now that old stuff is coming loose, which means I get the occasional water leak during a particularly heavy storm.  Things had gotten musty, my friends.

But that stank was gone when I got back in the car.  The shade we’d borrowed had shifted during our 4 hours, and my rear quarter windows were now basking in the sunlight.  But it still worked, despite less than ideal conditions.

I will note that there was a lingering scent of chlorine as I climbed into the car, even after letting it ventilate for the allotted 20 minutes, but it was gone within a couple of days of windows-down cruising, and now my car smells like…nothing.  It’s a strange and wonderful thing.


The verdict:

Biocide Systems after being used

We’re not saying you should never have your seats and/or carpet shampooed or steam cleaned or whatnot, but we can honestly report that in our case, Biocide Systems’ Quick Release Odor Eliminator absolutely worked as advertised.  It gets the Streetside Stamp of Approval.  And if you’re trying to get rid of car stank without spending time or hundreds of dollars on interior detailing, this is the definitive way of getting it done.  You can find our full Biocide line here.


Get free stuff.

Biocide Systems Giveaway

But we want to hear how well it works for you.  We want you to check it out so bad that we’re giving some away.  For free.  Just drop a quick story in the comments featuring your very worst smelly car experience.  What was the nastiest thing you’ve ever spilled?  Have you ever bought a car that smells like a 1963 teachers’ lounge?  Have you, like my poor friend, deposited an entire gallon of milk into your carpet?  Have car-sick kids?  Failing diapers?

Let us know.  Our very favorite stankcar story will win a free Biocide Systems Quick Release Odor Eliminator kit to eliminate the agony.  Just add water.  Click here for all the legal stuff you need to know.  We’ll pick the winner at end-of-business on Wednesday, so check back then for a reply to your comment letting you know you’ve won.

Down with the stank.

21 Replies to “Biocide Systems: Effortless Stank Destruction”

  1. I spilled an entire crock pot of cream of broccoli soup into the back of an SUV once. That little memory/odor stuck with us on any day above 80 degrees until we retired the vehicle 5 years later. Even after steam extracting and shampooing, nothing could get it out.

  2. We once went to a restaurant with friends in an SUV we owned but didn’t drive all the time. When we got home, we wondered what happened to one of the containers of leftover barbecue, but assumed that we had left it at the restaurant by mistake. Then the vehicle sat for a while and the next time we opened the doors, the stench was practically unbearable! We sprayed everything we could think of and looked and looked for the source of the odor to no avail. After way too many stinky trips around town with the windows open, my husband finally took everything out of the back and discovered the leftovers container wedged into an out of the way spot. Once the odor source was gone, the car went back to smelling like a regular old Jeep.

  3. My ex wife once left a gallon jug in the trunk of our (at the time) new Lancer. The hot desert heat made quick work of it, the jug exploding in what I could only guess was a very dramatic fashion. The fun part is that she didn’t tell me for probably weeks, and just drove the car around all stankified like it was normal. I never could get that stench out and I believe that she attempted to cover it up by leaving discarded french fries and chicken nuggets all over the car. She got the Lancer, and I got her VW which smelled like dog vomit (because her dog vomited down the center console and she never cleaned it up). The last time I saw the car it was filled to the window sills with fast food wrappers, who-knows-how-many days worth of dirty clothes and I’m sure I saw a diaper or two. The ash tray was missing and she apparently had decided to just toss her butts down the ash tray’s port – right on to the shift linkage.

    I don’t want to know what it smelled like by that time.

  4. I bought a 1968 corvette at a local auction. The previous owner passed away many years ago and the car was put in a barn for storage for 10-12 years. Most barns have a putrid smell to begin with, but to add insult to injury, the convertible top was partly down and there were holes in the firewall. Mice have an amazing way to get into everything. I thought it was just the carpet that smelled so bad and I took out the seats to replace the carpet. Under the drivers seat there were 17 dead dries up mice and the whole carpet was saturated and dried with mouse urine and droppings about 1″ thick. I replaced all the carpeting in the car and the smell is still there. I have tried fabreeze and other treatments to no avail. There must be some residue under the dash that I can’t find. Help !!! My wife refuses to ride with me until I get the smell out.

  5. After Getting My Paycheck I Always Treat Myself And My Car To Something Nice Haircut/Car Wash. Then My Girlfriend And I Went Grocery Shopping. We Took My Car And Loaded And Unloaded Groceries. Then Next Day It Was Around 98 Degrees Out. I Noticed Flys Around The Trunk Of My Car. I Then Poped It And Almost Vomited My Gf Had Left The Bag Of Chicken To Cook In My Trunk! Worst Day Of My Life. I Had To Clean It Out. The Smell Still Lingers But Only In The Trunk Mostly. I Have Spent Tons Of Money OnAir Fresheners. Please Help!

  6. Recently purchased a used truck camper that “apparently” had rain/leak causing musty, moldy smell, If Biocide could fix this smell would be a large market to tap as this is much more common than I had previously realized

  7. I got my 2003 Silverado with ultra low mileage and hardly a scratch on it a few months ago for practically nothing. Kicker is the previous owner smoked and had a bladder issue. So basically despite lots of cleaning and cans of Febreze, it still smells like smoke and urine. HELP!!!

  8. I had to take my cat to the vet’s one day. I put Puss Puss in my son’s lap and told him not to let go. Well 10′ down the road Puss Puss went be bezerk and fought loose then burrowed under the seat. When I got to the vet’s which was only three blocks away it was to late.

    Puss Puss sprayed/pissed under the seat and the stench is unbearable! It couldn’t possibly get any worse because it was in my regular cab pickup truck. So there
    I was driving down the road with the windows down in the rain in the snow it didn’t matter. In a last ditch effort I sprinkled cologne I found in my dad’s medicine cabinet all over the cab. Now my truck smells like High Karate AND cat piss.

  9. Once I went to the grocery store, loaded up my trunk, went home carried in groceries, noticed my WHOLE CHICKEN was missing. I searched my car and could bot find it. I figured I left it at store. Needless to say a few 90 degree days later my car started to smell. I popped the trunk, the smell was obviously coming from there. I found the chicken. It had rolled under where you would put your spare tire. I tried everything to get the smell out. It wouldn’t come out so I sold the car. They never got the smell out either. That’s my smelly story. Thanks for listening.

  10. Rental car to Florida. Bringing Shrimp back in the truck in a cooler. Cooler leaks Shrimp water into the trunk. Help.

  11. my grandson was riding with me one day when we took a trip to check on the progress of a hot rod i was having built ,on the way home he said pull over and before i could he vomited into the pocket on the back of my leather seat on the rear passenger side of my new sierra pickup,on hot days i still smell that awful stench i wonder if this product would help? j staples

  12. The worst smell in my truck came from my young Nephew and I went fishing. He caught his first fish and agreed to catch and release. Over a week later I found his dead fish carcass under my back seat. He couldn’t let it go back. Yuck!! It smelled for months, and I never took him again until he was a young adult of 22. I eventually sold the truck.

  13. We bought groceries and complained later how the clerk must have not bagged our cantaloupe, because we got home without it? Then we left for the weekend in our jeep and when we came back we discovered the cantaloupe (or at least what was of it) under a seat, where it had rolled on the trip home. We still remember it along with the various hound odors and other daily living smells, going on 12 years, but you never quite get used to it.

  14. A friend of mine owned an airplane. A baby bottle of milk was spilled in it and was not found until days later. They couldn’t get the smell out so sold the plane.

  15. Oh my! I had the gallon of milk break open also! Oh yes, that car stunk permanently. You are correct, I did not have proper car mats for something like that. Who does???????? This was an old car, I never thought of it.

    My current vehicle? Well, I get the cars after the husband does. HE gets the newer ones, he travels for work. So I get the hand-me-downs. I do not like this. Husband is.. um, may I tell the truth? A slob.

    He leaves the windows open. So the car will get rained in. He never vacuums or clean the inside. He smokes in there. He drinks coffee all day on the road. He eats in the car.

    Use your imagination as to how that stinks. Sour mud smell, the smoke, the coffee.. GROSS.

    I did my best to clean it but OH my I WANT this product SO bad. I can’t wait to try it. I HOPE I WIN

  16. My RSX sat for two years. Housed some animals in my hvac system. I pulled the cabin filters but the smell keeps creeping. I can’t even explain the smell but it’s rough!

  17. Congratulations to Nibbles on having the best stinky car story! We really enjoyed the bit about using fast food to cover other smells.

    Thanks everyone for participating and please check your email in the next few days for a special little bonus from StreetSideAuto!!

  18. So I was in this bar one time, and I was making eyes with the lady that came in for takeout. Buy her a few beers and eventually we make it out front where my Roadmaster Estate wagon was parked. Due to the tintedness of that ride and her attraction to me, she agreed to some car shenanigans. While we were consummating our woody wagon love tryst she had stuffed all the grilled onions from her take out salad in the pockets of my jacket unbeknownst to me. After we were done I gave her a ride home, at which time she told me how good of a time she had, and how much of an old man the Buick made me look like. I never saw her again, but the next morning I put my jacket on and discovered why my ride stunk of evil. Took me a week to get the stank out. Wish I had some of these then, might have taken all 5

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