BD Diesel Stands to Make Your Dodge Ram Better

Owning a heavy-duty truck, like, say, a Dodge Ram, comes with a certain type of aesthetic. It’s all about power. Whether you want the truck for its towing and hauling ability or just because you think it looks cool, there’s an unmistakable aura of strength and durability that surrounds the powerhouse that is the heavy-duty truck. That’s why it’s no surprise that BD Diesel, formerly Valley Fuel Injection Ltd., offers so many aftermarket parts to make your truck even better than when you first drove it off the lot.

BD Diesel made it’s mark in the automotive industry with the advent of the exhaust brake for what would later become the Diesel pick-up truck market. Today, however, the company focuses on the many facets of the diesel power train market. That’s why it’s one of the best brands to shop when looking to buy for your Heavy-Duty truck.

Track Bar Kits

From the many heavy-duty jobs your truck performs on uneven terrain to hitting the curb or even a pothole, keeping your truck aligned can be tough. That’s where BD Diesel’s Track Bar Kits come in. Driving when your truck’s axle isn’t aligned makes every aspect of your drive next to impossible and always has a negative effect on your fuel economy and tire tread, so if you want to avoid the headache, you may want to check the Track Bar Kits out.

A Track Bar Kit for Super Duty Trucks
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Sway Bar End Links Kit

The same uneven terrain that may cause your truck’s alignment to go out of whack can also do some serious damage to your suspension if your not careful. That’s why BD Diesel offers an aftermarket Sway Bar End Links Kit to help keep your truck on track. Though the part below is specifically designed for a Dodge Ram, BD Diesel offers many kits that will do the job for whichever make and model your truck happens to be.

BD Diesel 1032050
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BD Diesel 1032050

Super B Special Turbo Kit

As for that power we talked about earlier, nothing says “power” like a BD Diesel Super B Special Turbo Kit or a Killer B Turbo Kit. These beauties offer you a turbo kit without the generic quality you find in other kits, and still manage to provide the ultimate tuning experiences.


BD Diesel 1045120
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BD Diesel 1045120

Clearly, whatever it is your truck may need to ascend to that next level, BD Diesel’s got you covered. For more check out Streetside Auto, and get started with your next mod today!

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