An Accel Super Coil Set is What Your Tune Needs

All power tuning can be boiled down to the basic needs of the engine: fuel, air, and spark.  Increase them all in proper proportion while strengthening the elements and you get more power.  Air is pretty simple unless you’re going with forced induction.  Just a great cold air intake and an exhaust.  Fuel is easy, too, if you drive a car with modern fuel injection.  Just plug in a power programmer.  But spark, though just as easy, is often neglected.  Here’s how the Accel Super Coil can get your tuned car an extra 10 hp.

Accel Mustang

Let’s talk about your factory coils.  They’re probably black, manufactured by a company whose name you might be able to find with a magnifying glass and some brake cleaner, and they’re already at their limit.  Coils, like so many other parts on your car, are a budget item for manufacturers.

That’s not to say they’re necessarily bad or substandard, but they’re designed to work at your car’s factory horsepower rating.  Crank up the tune, and they’re not going to perform so well for you.

Air and exhaust don’t need many special parts after the initial upgrade.  With fuel, you could upgrade your injectors, but it isn’t crucial.  The spark, however, needs to be able to keep up with the rest of your mods.  That’s why Accel Ignition came up with their performance ignition coil, the incredible Super Coil.

COPO Accel

Very simply, the Super Coil generates a stronger, more effective spark than a stock ignition coil.  That means it creates a larger detonation within the cylinder, resulting in more overall power.  A Super Coil produces 10-15% more spark than a stock coil.  Run that through an engine and you get 7-10 more horsepower.

How do they accomplish this?  Ancient Arcadian sorcery?  Secrets pulled from Area 51?  A different pattern of copper wire within the coil?  All three could be true, but the last one is definitely true.  Accel carefully and precisely tunes each coil to its optimal configuration for the application.

Accel Super Coils

For cars with light mods, this is absolutely crucial.  Not only does it let you get the most out of those mods, it’s just as easy, if not easier, to implement.

On older cars, the spark has to travel from the coil to the distributor, through the wires, to the spark plugs.  But with modern advancements, distribution is controlled by computer, and each Accel ignition coil is mounted directly to the spark plugs.  This means there’s less room for error.  It also means they’re extremely easy to install.

Generally, each coil is held in with a single bolt.  Unplug the old coil, remove the bolt, then bolt the new coil in place and plug it back in.  Repeat for each spark plug and bam: 10 horsepower.  Not bad for 20-30 minutes of work.

So if you’ve modded your car with an intake, exhaust, or performance tune, don’t leave spark behind.  Check out the full line of Accel Super Coils to find the right one for your beast.

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