7 Things We Wish were Made Like Husky Liners Floor Mats

Husky Liners WeatherBeater

Why can’t your everyday items be built as well as Husky’s WeatherBeater floor mats?  They’re durable and practical, and installation is easier than watching TV.  Here are 7 everyday items that could be improved by Husky Liners tech.

1. Laundry Baskets

No, it’s not terribly glamorous, but imagine owning the same laundry basket for the rest of your life.  And you never really know when to let a laundry basket go.  You don’t want to go get a new one.  Just the one handle is broken.  A few of the crosshatches are missing.  But before you know it, you’re zip-tying it together and slathering it in duct tape just to keep the jagged, chomping edges from tearing the sleeves from your premium Oxfords.

But if Husky Liners made your hampers, they’d be indestructible.  Because they’d probably use the same elastometric, triple-extruded, top secret, weapons grade plastic as they do with the WeatherBeater.  They guarantee it against cracks and other damage for the life of your vehicle.  Would they do the same for your basket and the life of your dryer?

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Spill Protector

2. Dog Crates

We’re not allowed to call them cages, because the dogs don’t like that term, but you know the crates.  They’re the cages you put your dogs in when you’re not around or awake to make sure they don’t make waffles with your upholstery.

We think Husky Liners would be great at this because 1) Husky cargo liners are already designed to protect against dog mess, and 2) WeatherBeaters are nearly impervious to damage from chemicals, including oil, gas, and even battery acid.  And we know ol’ Admiral Rufus Retriever can lay some nasty ones, but they probably can’t do more damage than the contents of your box of electricity.

3. Jeans

We’re only guessing the folks at Husky are stylish, but we mainly want them to break into the fashion business for their excellent warranty.  Dudes, we’re car people.  We kneel at bumpers and change our own tires.  And we lose the knees and crotches in our jeans.  Only Husky can save us from a lifetime of trips to Gap.

Husky Liners WeatherBeater

4. Suit Jackets

Speaking of slick threads, you know what makes a tailored suit look so good?  The fact that it’s tailored.  Sure, you can swing by a Men’s Wearhouse and buy a suit any time you want (aren’t we all that rich?), but it’s not guaranteed to fit you.

Husky floor liners are molded from laser scans for each individual vehicle so they can make sure the WeatherBeater is a tailored fit every time.  This prevents the mats from sliding around and warping all weird.  What savvy young bachelor wouldn’t let Husky laser-scan his body to make a perfectly stylish suit?

Husky Liners Spike Nibs

5. Phone Cases

Yeah, your phone case needs to be strong, but it also needs to not slide around too much.  And Husky Liners know how to keep things from sliding around.  Hmm…maybe they should make tires, too.

With the WeatherBeaters, they add what they call Sta-put Nibs.  These spike into your carpet and refuse to move for anybody.  This might be a little abrasive against your thigh/pocket material/hand, but it’s a start.

6. Car Paint

If you’ve restored a car, or read about restoring a car, or thought about it for a moment, you’ll know that the paint work is some of the most time consuming of the project.  You have to sand and primer and sand and paint and sand and paint again until it’s perfect.

Husky’s Weatherbeaters are much easier to install.  You just drop them into place.  There’s no hardware or carpet prep or adhesives.  Picture some kind of foppish, invincible, matte shell that you can just drop onto your car.  That should be easy enough.

Husky Liner In Action

7. Bathroom Counters

It’s hard to understand where counter designers are coming from.  Sinks are just big enough to wash your chin without getting water everywhere, and when it does, the counter just…ends, and the water goes all over the floor.

What if your bathroom counter had a huge, awesome lip around it to catch all the water?  That’s what Husky does.  When we tested the WeatherBeater, we found that it could hold more than 1.5 gallons of water.  The idea, we think, is that you could spill and entire gallon of milk in the footwell, put your feet in it, and, if you’re driving carefully, keep every drop out of your carpet until you get home.

There you have it, Husky R&D.  Seven untapped markets.  We’ll expect to see some prototypes by the end of Q2.

Until then, folks, you can get your own Weatherbeaters, along with all of Husky Liners’ other top notch products, right here.

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