5 Reasons You Need Husky Liners Floor Mats

In many parts of our fair United States, the snow has already begun to fly.  If you don’t believe me, look at your Facebook feed from this morning and make a tally of how many of your northern friends complained about it. But snow means mud and salt, and those mean messes.  To keep those messes off your carpet, just throw down some floor mats.  But not all floor mats are created equal.  In fact, Husky Liners mats are born into privilege. Like any other floor mats, you can hose them off when they get dirty and put them back in.  But Husky Liners has much more to offer.  Here are just five reasons Husky Liners outshines the competition, even when caked in mud.

1. NIBS.

Husky Liner WeatherBeater Sta-Put Nibs Floor Mats
Okay, no, that’s not what I would have called them.  I would have called them Stasis Spikes or No-slip Nails.  But Husky Liner calls their little carpet grippers Sta-Put Nibs.  Regardless of what you want to call them, the Nibs just work to make your floor mats Sta…er…stay in place.  Other manufacturers rely on Velcro, adhesives, or nothing at all.  Husky Liners doesn’t mess around with that mess.  The Nibs grip your carpet and the mats do not move.  You can pick them up vertically, but you’re powerless to slide them around.

2. You can bathe your child and/or slightly smaller dog in a WeatherBeater floor mat.

Husky Liners all American floor mats contain spills better than an oil company’s PR firm.  But we wanted to be sure, so we conducted an experiment to measure how much water a WeatherBeater floor mat from a 2007 Toyota Camry would hold.  To do this we enlisted the precise, scientific industry standard for liquid measurement – the empty Mountain Dew bottle. We found that a single Weather Beater mat will hold exactly 10 MtDbl. of liquid.  Converted to layman’s terms (thank us later), that’s 1.5625gallons.  I’ll bet if we asked him, Bear Grylls would endorse these as rainwater collection devices.  Planning to drive into the wilderness in an unreliable vehicle?  Need a quick horse trough?  Have four kids with weak bladders and don’t want to stop?  WeatherBeater.

3. They Fit.

Nibs aren’t the only features that help Husky mats stay in place.  They’re also perfectly contoured to their host vehicles.  Husky scans each and every individual vehicle with (frickin’) lasers to ensure exact fit.  No bunching, no bubbles.  They’re like that Greek armor with the abs sculpted in.  They fit perfectly but probably look better than what’s underneath.

4. They don’t discriminate according to the seat placement hierarchy.

Readers with several siblings understand well the doctrine of the seat placement hierarchy: The youngest brother shall receive the worst seat in the car, save in situations concerning youngest brothers who are physically larger than their elder siblings, in which case the worst seat shall be occupied by one or more of said small siblings. Thankfully, Husky Liners all weather floor mats are more like your parents at Christmas: everybody old enough to realize it gets an equally awesome gift.  Each floor space, including the one over the driveshaft tunnel (which we experts call the “center hump,”) gets its own awesome Husky Liners floor mat.  Total coverage.  Husky Liners even makes trunk and cargo mats.

5. If you and your car get sucked into medieval history, you can craft your mats into a serviceable suit of armor.

Obviously, in this situation, your first course of action will be to convince the king that your car is actually a dragon and that you’re a wizard, but if that doesn’t work out, you’ll need some protection.  Husky Liners floor mats are the perfect armor material for several reasons: –They’re strong.  Husky Liners guarantees them for-stinking-ever against cracking and breaking. –They’re light weight.  Far lighter than plate steel, chain mail, and probably leather. –They’re stupid strong.  You’re seriously going to have a hard time punching through them with anything less than a Welsh arrow. –They’re already covered in spikes.  Don’t let any of the other knights hear you calling them “Nibs.” You’re probably not going to be swept into the past via some rift that flows out of Stonehenge.  You probably won’t even have to bathe your child in a floor mat.  You’re probably just looking for a great way to preserve your car’s factory carpet and clean up every single thing you ever spill in your car with just a hose.  You want the best floor mats in the world.  Thankfully, that’s what Husky Liners had in mind, too.

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