Transforming Your 2015 Ford F-150 Interior in 20 Minutes or Less

2015 Ford F-150 Interior Accessories - Husky Liners

There are parts that are easy to install, and then there are parts you could install in your sleep.  While juggling chainsaws.  And riding on a water buffalo.  Strapped to a Saturn rocket.  Improving the look, feel, and functionality of your Ford F-150 interior is the easiest thing you can do, but the rewards are monumental.  We’re going to be generous and say you can finish all of these mods in 20 minutes, though you’ll probably get through them much more quickly.  Here are our top four mods for the 2015 Ford F-150 interior. 

4. Husky Liners Weatherbeaters floor mats

Husky Liners 18361 |
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Husky Liners 18361

Weatherbeaters may be our most recommended product.  Husky Liners has perfected the floor mat with this.  To begin with, it’s nearly indestructible.  You won’t wear it out by stomping on it.  You won’t even make a mark.  Most floor mats are warrantied for 3 years.  Husky’s are warrantied forever.  They won’t crack, break, or tear.  Weatherbeaters are designed to fit perfectly against the floor of your truck without voids or gaps.  Husky scans each truck individually with lasers and designs the mats on computers so they fit precisely, down to the millimeter.  But that’s not what holds them in place.  Husky put an array of tiny spikes on the bottom.  They used to call them nibs, but that was a weird name, so they call them cleats now, which is much better.  The cleats grab onto your carpet and won’t let go unless you lift the mat out vertically.  That means these mats won’t slide around.  Yet the cleats won’t damage your carpet.  Genius.

Husky Liners 19371 |
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Husky Liners 19371

Weatherbeaters are rubberized, so you can have maximum traction while you’re climbing in and out of your truck.  This is essential during the cold, wet months of the year, and reassuring the rest of the time.  Weatherbeaters hold a ton of liquid, too, so you don’t have to worry about the runoff from your boots or the cup of soda your kid dropped soaking into the carpet.  The mats will hold the liquid, then you can lift them out and hose them down when you’re ready.  This is great for you, because your truck is brand new and you’d like to preserve the factory freshness of that carpet, and therefore the resale value of the truck, as long as you can.  Weatherbeaters are available for the front and rear seats, with the latter coming in a convenient one-piece.

Installation time: 1 minute

3. Covercraft SeatSavers

Speaking of preserving that interior value, let’s talk about your seat fabric.  With the possible exception of the front left carpet, no other surface sees as much wear as your seat.  After a few years of butt compression, stains, and UV radiation, fabrics break down, look terrible, and lower your resale value.  So one of the best Ford truck accessories you can invest in is a set of seat covers for the front and back, and the best seat covers in the business are Covercraft’s SeatSavers. They’re easy to slip on and off, so you can machine wash them when they get dirty (or smelly), or just take them off when you’re switching your truck from Work Mode to Fancy Date Mode.  Cheaper seat covers wouldn’t put up with this.  They’d soon be shapeless rags.  But SeatSavers are specifically tailored (literally) to fit your vehicle.  That means cutouts for seatbelts, air bags, and power seat controls, and a tight, close fit every time you put them back on.

Covercraft SS8440PCCH |
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Covercraft SS8440PCCH

They’re durable, too.  Seams are double stitched for strength, and the polycotton fabric is tough enough for years of use.  The other advantage of polycotton is that it has a high durable water repellency (DWR) while remaining breathable.  See, if you really want to protect your seats, you can just drape them in plastic trash bags.  But you’ll soon find this a bit uncomfortable, probably, because plastic doesn’t breathe.  And keeping your back and butt cool is the first step to protecting your seats.  This is getting gross, so we’ll just say that polycotton breathes like jeans, but allows liquids to bead up and roll off like canvas.  It’s the perfect fabric for your seat covers, both front and back.

Installation time: Maybe 5 minutes

2. Husky Liners Gearbox

Husky Liners 09281 |
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Husky Liners 09281

The Ford F-150 interior, along with other truck interiors of its ilk, can get a bit disorganized.  It’s understandable.  You’re at your job site, you’re in a hurry, and you toss your tools into the back to keep them out of the weather.  But before long you can’t see the floor, you can’t find anything, and you have a whole array of heavy metal missiles queued up to find their way to your head in the event of an accident.  Even if it’s not tools, there’s a group of things you keep in your truck, such as tow straps, tire chains, flashlights, and other roadside stuff.  And if you put it under your rear seat, it’s going to slide around.  That’s why Husky Liners came up with their awesome Gearbox, an under-seat storage unit that keeps your stuff out of sight, out of the way, and organized.  The tub fits snugly under your rear seats and uses the seats themselves as a lid.

Like their floor mats, the Gearbox is specifically contoured to fit your F-150, and the walls go all the way up to meet the seat when it’s folded down, so stuff won’t fly out or slide around.  It’s even coated in a non-slip surface to help keep your stuff from sliding around.  It has two compartments with a removable center divider for longer items.  The Gearbox is every bit as durable and resilient as their floor mats, and every bit as easy to install.  Just drop it in.  No hardware.  You’ll spend more time getting it out of the box than installing it in your truck.

Installation time: 20 seconds?

1. Pilot LED dome light kit

Now we’re getting into the advanced installation.  Now you really have to know what you’re doing.  Now you have to…change a light bulb.  Pilot’s LED dome light replacement kit will give you a ton of brilliant, white light, vastly improving the visibility in your cab.  The kit uses LEDs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs.  If you’re unfamiliar, LEDs are pretty much the future of lighting.  They use semiconductors, rather than filaments, requiring far less energy and enabling far more light.  LEDs have a much longer operational life than incandescents, so if you’re tired of changing light bulbs, change them for the last time.  And because they don’t have filaments, LEDs are much more resilient to being turned on and off.  Perfect for a dome light that comes on when you open the door.

Bully Truck ILT-202W |
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Bully Truck ILT-202W

Here’s the best thing about this kit from Pilot: All three bulbs in the kit are plug-and-play.  That means there’s no extra wiring, no resistors to hook up, no soldering.  You just pull out the old bulb and plug in the new one.  Each bulb has the can bus tech wired right in.  They messed with it so you wouldn’t have to.  And because these LEDs are small, they won’t get too hot.

Installation time: 10 minutes, tops.

Add these four extremely easy mods on your lunch break and your truck will stay cleaner and more organized, look better, and be more brightly lit.  Keep in mind that each of these parts is specifically for a 2015 F-150 XLT Supercrew, and specific parts for your own F-150, if it varies at all, may be different.  If you’re not sure what you need, drop your question in the comments section below or give us a call at 877.787.8989, and our experienced, American techs will take good care of you.

What are your favorite Ford F-150 accessories?

2015 Ford F-150 Interior Accessories - Gearbox

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