AutoMods: An Introduction

Here at Streetside, we love talking about cars.  New cars, classic cars, fast cars, rare cars, and race cars.  Trucks, too!  And if all of those subcategories of automobilia have one thing in common, it’s that they’re fairly expensive.  Most of us would cruise around in ZL-1s or classic Continentals if we could, but for now, we’re stuck with what we have.

Chevy SS

And sometimes, what we have is pretty stinking awesome, and we can make it even more so.  Streetside’s own Kyle, for example, bought his F-150 EcoBoost to haul his boat, but he found a huge improvement just adding an aFe intercooler.

With this in mind, we’re launching a new series called AutoMods.  Each week we’ll feature a new ride, some of the most frequently modded by our customers, some employee vehicles, and some we just think deserve some easy upgrades, and explore, in two or three blog posts, just how awesome it can be using parts we offer on Streetside.

Power Stop S4020

So if we land on, say, a ‘96 Impala SS, we’ll take Monday to cover power.  The SS came with an LT1 350, but like most cars of the era, it was underpowered at 260 hp, with cast iron heads and a torque-favoring cam.  So we might list some possibilities for cams and rocker arms, but we’ll probably start with a cold air intake and an exhaust.  We’ll provide examples, when we can find them, of others on the internetosphere, who have added similar mods and what kind of results they posted.

Air Lift 60755

Then, on Wednesday, we might cover handling and brakes.  And we’ll list some options, such as the Eibach lowering springs, or an Air Lift kit, with pros and cons of each.  Add some Power Stop calipers, maybe some Hawk pads, and some EBC rotors, and you have a track machine on your hands.

Finally, on Friday, we’ll talk about interior, appearance, and audio, discussing the finer points of Dynamat, maybe some smoked headlight covers for a murdered out look, or some stealthy floor protection.

Eibach Springs 3837.140

Now, all this could be alot of fun.  But it will be more fun if you get involved.  So once a month, we’re going to pick a car you’ve specifically sent us that you’d like to mod.  Maybe you just bought it, or maybe you’ve had it since you were a kid.

Submit your own suggestions in the comments and if we pick it, we’ll get in touch to talk about your vehicle and get some photos from you. We’ll be virtually modding it right here on the blog.  And then we’ll send you a $100 Streetside gift card, just because we like you.

This is in beta for us.  We’ll likely adjust our parameters as we go, but the goal will be the same: making normal cars awesome for not alot of money.  Stay tuned as we get this thing rolling…

Want to win even more?
 Put together an installation guide for us for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate.



2 Replies to “AutoMods: An Introduction”

  1. I have a 2005 Escalade everyday driver and a 72 Malibu that needs total overhaul. i would be happy if you did the AotoMods treatment to either vehicle. Thanks,John

  2. Have a ’96 Impala SS, has a Cold Air K&N Filtercharger which really helps response. Will soon be replacing original brake pads as car has 52k miles. Need new tires also. Bought in December of ’97, had 17,500 miles when I got it. Excellent car in which to travel, set the cruise on what you dare and it sets up there like a show dog. Added Borla mufflers and kept original resonators for an understated, deep sound that doesn’t alert every cop in the donut shop. I’m 62 and retire in a week, but about ten years ago was talking to a 21 yr. old former fellow employee who is an auto and bike enthusiast who said he didn’t like my SS, too big and bulky and four doors. I asked him to hop in for a ride. First impressed with all the room, then the deep exhaust note, he began to comment on the composure of the suspension and flat handling. Then we swapped places. To me, it was like watching a kid eat banana pudding for the first time. Now we may see one another once a year and he always asks about my SS and says he loves that car! I realize there are many regular cars faster than my SS but it was built in an era of reawakening performance, actually built on the same line as the police cars, with the same suspension, cooling system, etc. Yes, the package is over twenty years old but each person I’ve ever talked with who owns one smiles and says they are very pleased. I am too!!!

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