AutoModding your Chevy Silverado Interior

Chevy Silverado

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.  No, we’re not making fun of your figure.  We’re talking about your Silverado.  As important as it is to mind your paint and your engine, the interior is sometimes neglected, making it a rather unpleasant environment for you and your passengers.  Seats get ripped, floors get muddy, and your stuff flies all over the place.  Life doesn’t have to be this way.  Your truck’s cabin can be a nice place to hang out.  We’ve narrowed down our four favorite Chevy Silverado interior accessories to make that happen.  Here are our top four Chevy truck interior parts for the 2015 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab.

Chevy Silverado Interior Accessories

Keep in mind that your part numbers may vary depending on your Silverado’s specific trim level and cab size, so if you have any questions, let us know via the comments section below or give us a call at 877.787.8989 and our in-house, expert techs will help you out.

We’ll start with a product that doesn’t protect your interior.  It protects you… from insurance fraud.  Dashcams became famous when cautious Russian drivers began to employ them to fight the epidemic of insurance fraud going on over there.  In the typical Russian dashcam video, a Lada drives along, minding its own business, when someone runs out in front of it.  The Lada stops, but the obstacle of an individual keeps going and flops onto the hood like a pancake.  He or she lays there for a while, panting and doing a better job of acting hurt than a European soccer player, until the driver gets out, walks over to the poor, unhurt individual, and points at the camera, at which point the miscreant realizes his mistake and runs off.  And though Russian dashcams have captured everything else, from falling meteors to nonchalant tank convoys, they originally became popular to ward off such scammers.

The Original Dash Cam 4Sight 4SK777
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The Original Dash Cam 4SK777

Insurance scammers in America don’t go to all that trouble.  They just claim it was your fault and hire a more expensive lawyer.  And without conclusive proof of what happened, you could be out big money.  Thankfully, for small money, you can get that proof.  The Original Dash Cam Plus from 4 Sight will do it for you.  It powers on and starts recording when you turn on your truck.  Every so often, it dumps its oldest recorded video to preserve space on the included 8Gb SD card.  (Add your own SD card up to 32 Gb.)  You can preserve a present video by punching a button on the camera.  But the dashcam also has a G-sensor built in, so if it detects that you’ve been in an accident, it will automatically save the surrounding video, giving you your proof and locking that video out against accidental deletion.  Under normal, non-crashy circumstances, the camera will automatically power down when you turn off your truck.  It’s powered via an included car charger.  It comes with a full color LCD screen and ports for USB, so you can transfer files; and HDMI and AV, so you can hook it directly to a TV.

Now, we all know this would be worthless if it produced some fuzzy, grainy, low-resolution video worthy of a sasquatch or UFO.  After all, that could have been anyone’s license plate, right?  So IP gave this camera a stunning 1920x1080p HD resolution, plenty to see exactly what’s going on, day or night.  It has a wide, 120 degree viewing angle and captures videos in the .avi format, which is easy to view on just about any computer.  It’s your best defense against those scammers.  And though this isn’t Russia, you might still also capture something hilarious you just want to post on Youtube.

The other cool feature of the Original Dash Cam Plus is is the unique warning system.  It has warnings for lane departure, stop and go, and impending forward collisions.  The camera is able to recognize all of this and let you know before it becomes a hazard.  You find these features on super expensive luxury cars, so it’s pretty cool to see them available as a low-cost, all inclusive mod.  This doesn’t mean you can punch the cruise and take a nap or eat pancakes or text or take your eyes off the road for more than a fraction of a second, but at least you have a fallback.

On to the vehicle protection.  Let’s talk about seat covers.  But before we discuss protection from butts, answer us this: What’s the best protection for your butt?  Duh.  Simple answer.  Carhartt work pants.  Carhartt has been hard at work since 1889.  No, that’s literally their slogan, and they have become the official uniform of the tough-as-nails American worker.  If you want a jacket or a pair of coveralls that don’t fall apart when you’re out on the job, it has to be Carhartt.  But you know this.  You just wish Carhartt made other things out of their super strong fabric, like couches and recliners.  We have the next best thing.  Or maybe something better.

Chevy Silverado Interior Accessories - Covercraft Seat Savers

Covercraft, who has been making cloth products for cars, like car and seat covers, since the ’50s, has joined forces with Carhartt to bring your Silverado the Covercraft Carhart Seat Saver system.  It’s a seat cover, both for the front seats and the back seats, made of Carhartt’s nearly invincible material, and it’s the perfect way to preserve and keep clean your factory seats.  Seat Savers slip onto your seats easily with the help of heavy duty, reinforced elastics.  That means they also slide off easily, as well.  When you’re ready to toss them in the washer, it takes no time at all.  Slip them off in moments when you want to go back to your original fabric or leather.  Pro-tip: Don’t leave your work seat covers on when you’re taking a lady out for a nice dinner.

Covercraft SSC2477CAGY and SSC8429CAGY |
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Covercraft (Front)
Covercraft (Rear)

Another pro-tip: Use these seat covers on your back seats to fend off the constant spills your kids are committing back there.

Seats Savers have a Durable Water Repellency, meaning they’ll shrug off many liquids to prevent stains.  These things are designed to last you a long, long time.  The main seams, for example, are triple stitched.  The map pocket on the back of every front Seat Saver has rivets, just like the pockets on your Carhartt pants.  There’s even a Carhartt badge as a kind of challenge to the forces of nature that would try to destroy it.

Seat Savers are equipped with an airbag flap, so they won’t impede your safety.  And, since Carhartt still makes their clothes in America, and Covercraft still makes their Seat Savers here, you can believe these seat covers are made right here in the USA. If you have front buckets, like our example truck, you’ll need this kit, while these will cover the back seats.

Chevy Silverado Interior Accessories - Husky Liners X-Act Contour

We mentioned that Carhartt Seat Savers shrug off liquids.  But where does it shrug them to?  Your carpet?  Your truck floor that’s not exactly easy to clean without complete disassembly?  That doesn’t put you in the best position.  As always, we have a solution for you.  (Except for that time you spilled maple syrup in a carburetor.  We don’t have a solution for that.)    The Husky Liners X-Act Contour floor liner system can handle your simple spills and so much more.  The X-Act Contour, both in the front and in the back, is designed to hold a great deal of liquid.  We would say “all the liquid you can throw at it,” but you’d challenge us and just start firehosing water into your truck.  Well, maybe not you, but someone you know.  And we can’t be responsible for that.

Husky Liners 53111 |
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Husky Liners 53111 (Front)
Husky Liners 53211 (Rear)

But we’ll gladly be responsible for getting you some of the best-designed floor mats in the industry.  Husky didn’t eyeball these when they were designing them.  They took an array of very expensive lasers and scanned the, well, the exact contours of the Silverado’s floor.  Then they fed that data into a computer program and began to design the X-Act Contour specifically for the Silverado.  They do this with every new vehicle, in order to prevent voids under the floor mats, gaps in coverage, or overall bad fitment.  The result is a mat so snug and fit, you’ll think it’s part of the truck floor.  But the fit isn’t the only thing keeping the X-Act Contour from sliding around.  Underneath you’ll find Husky’s StayPut Cleats, little spikes that jab down into your carpet (without damaging it) that keep the mat in place.  These mats don’t budge unless you lift them directly out.  And that’s a good thing, because you need that grip when you’re climbing into your truck.  Especially in the colder months. But you still want to be able to pick them up and out easily for cleaning and drainage of the occasional spill.

For all these cool features, however, the coolest by far is how hard these mats are to kill.  You can’t destroy them with your boots or your spills or your repeated hosing off.  You can climb and stomp on them for years and years without any visible effect.  Their unique, rubberized DuraGrip compound is soft and flexible for easy installation, but so tough and durable that Husky warrantied them forever against cracking or breaking.  If only your truck would last that long.

Husky Liners 09031 |
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Husky Liners 09031

Speaking of things Husky Liners has warrantied for life, let’s talk about the Gearbox.  No, you British person, not the truck’s transmission.  Husky came up with a brilliant way to use that formerly useless space under your Silverado’s back seat.  Right now, your back seat is likely in one of two positions: 1) down, where it’s vaguely trying to shade the various tools, roadside equipment, and other random objects you have to shove back underneath it every time you put someone back there, or, 2) up, because the aforementioned stuff is so disorganized you don’t have room to put them back down.

The Gearbox is Husky’s answer.  It drops down below your back seats, specifically contoured to the floor of your Silverado, and forms a large, handy storage box for all the stuff you keep back there anyway.  The Gearbox contains individual storage compartments with partitions that you can remove at need.  So if you’re storing three different types of pipe fittings, you can keep them separate, but if you’re hauling yard-lengths of pipe, you can do that instead.  Tools, roadside emergency gear, maps, flashlights, cords, the family’s picnic lunch, the family’s terrified cat…  The list goes on.  When it’s all secure in the Gearbox, with your back seats as a lid, none of it is sliding around your truck floor, getting damaged, getting caught under your brake pedal, or falling out whenever you open the door.  The Gearbox is just a clever, tidy place to keep your stuff.

As mentioned before, Husky warranties the Gearbox for life, because it’s made using the same uber strong plastics tech they use to make their floor liners.  So it won’t break or crack, and if it does through normal wear and tear, Husky has you covered.  Like everything Husky makes, they’re crafted right here in America.  Drop in a Gearbox and take back the back seats!

Four simple Silverado interior parts, each installing in seconds, can change your truck’s cab from a place you have to be into a place you want to be.  What are your favorite Chevy truck accessories for the interior?

Check in next week when we conclude our Silverado accessories with some killer performance mods!

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