AutoModding Your 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD: Part 2

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2013 Toyota Tacoma

Yesterday we covered some of the mods Danny has added and plans to add to his 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Double Cab Long Bed.  Toyota makes some of the toughest trucks on the planet, and Danny wanted tough mods to match, so his Tacoma would be just as good on the trail as it is on the road.  In Part 1, we covered wheels, tires, suspension, brakes, and some performance upgrades.  Today we’re covering appearance, protection, and trail functionality, so strap in.  It’s Part 2 of Danny’s 2013 Toyota Tacoma mods in AutoMods.

Bushwacker 31927-02Few accessories can beef up the look of a truck like a set of fender flares.  For an even beefier look, Bushwacker’s famous Pocket Style flares have been accented with simulated bolts.  They’re simulated in the sense that you don’t have to drill any holes in your Tacoma to install them, but they are real stainless steel.  Don’t worry.  Pocket Style flares still bolt firmly and securely onto your fenders, but they use existing holes.  This set is perfect for the Tacoma, especially since Danny added his SpiderTrax wheel spacers, since many states require a fender to extend over the full tread of the tire. Here’s more about the Pocket Style and Bushwacker’s other invincible products.  Danny had his flares painted a factory color and he’ll likely install them this weekend.  We’ll keep you updated.

2013 Toyota Tacoma - AVS 25310

Speaking of protection, Danny opted to protect the leading edge of his hood with a strong, stylish Bugflector II bug shield from Auto Ventshade. The Bugflector doesn’t just keep those acidic bug guts off of your paint, it also fends off rocks, salt, and other road hazards.

Let’s continue this protection theme with BedRug.  Danny installed the BedRug BedMat and TailgateMat a while back.  We even made a video of how to install it.

BedRug is awesome because it protects both your truck bed (hello, resale value) and the stuff you put in it.  There’s a padded layer beneath the grip layer, and which cushions as well as prevents things from rolling around.  It’s ridiculously strong, hose-offable, and resistant to most chemicals you could legally procure, including battery acid.
2013 Toyota Tacoma - UnderCover uc4060

When we shot that video, we had to remove Danny’s Undercover Classic tonneau cover and we were all amazed at how easy it was.  (Except Danny, who had installed it himself.)  It’s incredibly lightweight, which means it’s both easy to install, use, and uninstall, and won’t add alot of extra weight to your truck, which is always good.  Beyond that, Undercover’s latching system is super easy to deal with.  The Classic keeps your stuff dry and secure, just like a tonneau should.  And you can land a helicopter on it!  Okay, that’s probably not true.  But if you ever try, let us know how it goes.

Step inside the truck for a moment.  You might notice a grippy surface under your feet.  Those are Danny’s Husky Liners X-Act Contour floor mats.  They’re about indestructible, warrantied until the Lizard People reveal themselves, and hold so much liquid your genius kids who have figured out how to get their sippy cups open won’t be able to spill anything on the carpet.  We have a bit of a thing with Husky Liners here.  We wish more things were made like themWe made a whole site about them. You’ll find them in both the front and rear of Danny’s Tacoma.

As you’re climbing back out of the cabin, you might find Danny’s step bars a little unsatisfactory.  He did, too.  They flex too much, and they don’t stretch wheel to wheel.  So he plans to swap them out for some N-Fab Wheel to Wheel step bars.  These step bars feature three step loops each: front doors, back doors, and bed; while the main body of the bar fits close to the rocker for a sleek look.  They’re rated at 465 lbs each and won’t flex.

All that heavy duty metal on the sides calls for some to match on the front and rear.  For the front bumper, Danny’s looking at the ARB Deluxe bumper and bull bar combo.  ARB makes all their front bumpers with bull bars attached to complete the look and save you time and shipping costs.  And that look is striking.  ARB bull bars are super tough, inspected throughout the manufacturing process against flaws, which are extremely rare anyway, since ARB’s welders have to recertify every six months.  Bumpers are given several layers of pre-coat before being powder-coated so they won’t corrode. They come pre-fitted for auxiliary fog lights, like this kit from ARB, also on Danny’s wish list.

Danny’s front bumper of choice also includes a winch mount, which is perfect for the Warn M8000 winch he’s also planning to add.  The M8000, as you might have guessed, has an 8,000 lb rated line pull.  The included rope is Warn’s own Spydura synthetic line, which is lighter and safer than traditional steel cable.  Warn is one of the most prestigious names in winching, and this is the perfect winch for Danny’s Tacoma.

Back to bumpers, because we still haven’t covered the rear.  Normally we’d stay focused on a single brand for both bumpers, but we can’t shake how awesome this Fab Fours unit is, and neither could Danny.  This particular part number includes a spare tire carrier.  Remember those huge wheels and tires from yesterday?  The spare might not fit under the bed.  This spare carrier swings away as it would on a Jeep, allowing you to drop the tailgate with ease.

2013 Toyota Tacoma - Bolt Lock 7023584

Just below there, Danny has a Bolt Lock receiver lock, a hardened still hitch receiver pin with a lock that works with your car key.  It’s that simple and that practical.  Nobody’s running off with his receiver tonight, and he’s not going to lose the key and have to cut it off with a billion dollar space laser.

Finally, the roof.  He has plans to add this cool and practical MegaWarrior cargo rack.  The MegaWarrior not only holds the distinction of having the coolest name of any roof-mounted cargo rack ever, it also includes a front wind fairing to help with the aero.  If it doesn’t fit in the bed, there’s more space in the rack.  To mount the rack, he’ll start with Yakima’s Q Tower 4 pack, which securely mounts to the roof.  To keep their production costs down, Yakima developed the Q Clip system.  Q Clips all mount up to the same Q Towers, but are shaped differently for different types of vehicles and different locations on the vehicle.  The Tacoma uses Q127 and Q128 clips.  Finally, a pair of rustproof, 58 inch crossbars will fit the rack.

2013 Toyota Tacoma

It’s quite a transformation from stock, but it’s a vast improvement in performance, trail capability, protection, and ride.  Another day’s work for AutoMods. Click on any of the links above to start shopping for your own Toyota Tacoma mods!

2013 Toyota Tacoma with Future Mods

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