A Hybrid Mustang: Best Idea or Worst Idea?

Hybrid Mustang: Best Idea or Worst Idea

Ford has been killing it in the performance department lately.  The ST twins, the Focus RS, the beautifully modernized Mustang line, and of course, the indomitable GT, which already won Le Mans.  They’re all milestones of a company that loves speed.  But yesterday we learned that Ford is planning a hybrid Mustang by 2020.  Sorry.  I should have warned you to take your glycerin before reading that.  It is, however, true, and that could mean amazing or terrible things for one of America’s most popular sports cars. Continue reading “A Hybrid Mustang: Best Idea or Worst Idea?”

Can the remote starter end a decades-long debate?

Can the remote starter end a decades-long debate?

That’s the question.

And it really boils down to another question: Should you warm up your car in the winter?  Let’s see if we can figure this out.

Winter has arrived on our doorstep, and you’re either a) excited about it, or b) depressed about it and mad at your weird, winter-loving friends.  Whether you like cold weather or not, your car doesn’t like it- until it’s warmed up.  Then it loves winter.  We know this, so we warm up our cars before we go anywhere.

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New Ford Bronco Confirmed: Your Uncle was Right

New Ford Bronco Confirmed

I was wrong.  Two and a half years ago, I wrote this about a cadre of fake news stories circulating and never seeming to land, like plastic bags caught high in drafts between apartment blocks.  There was the mid-engine Corvette, the new Mazda RX-7, and of course, the rebirth of the Ford Bronco.  Now it’s 2017, and I don’t see any midship ‘Vettes or sleek, new Rotaries, or- oh wait.  Ford just announced a new Ford Bronco for 2020.  Your uncle, who posted that fake news story about it back in 2013, was right.

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Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2016

Blog Posts of 2016: 2016 Art of the Car Concours

Okay, bye 2016!  Don’t let the door hit you.  Or do.  This probably won’t be remembered as anyone’s favorite year, but we did get to have some fun on the blog.  In fact, we had alot of fun.  Whittling this list down to seven posts wasn’t easy.  Just like 2016.  Here, in no particular order, are my very favorite posts of the year to the Streetside blog.

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A Road Trip Alone is my Christmas Gift to Myself

A Road Trip Alone is my Christmas Gift to Myself

Last week GM CEO Mary Barra spoke with Business Insider about GM’s projected autonomous technology, and how it could turn your car into a “second office,” so you won’t have to wait until you get to the office to start working.  I understand this.  An hour more each day to answer emails, do research, and have some digital face time with clients would be helpful, especially for a CEO like Barra.  But I don’t want it.  My commutes are a refuge for a primal, archaic part of my brain, a segment quickly rusting over with neglect.  Nine hours alone in a car will have it in fighting spec again, and I need that desperately.  Here’s what I mean.

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All the Tools I Want for Christmas

All the Tools I Want for Christmas

Look, I’m not saying you can’t send me Lego kits, G.I. Joe playsets, and Nerf guns, but the things I wanted when I was 8 aren’t the only things I want anymore.  And since I know none of you cheapskates are going to buy me a ’32 Ford or a BMW M1, here are some of the tools I’d like for Christmas, categorized by winter maintenance needs.

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The Grand Tour is Just Okay

The Grand Tour

This morning I watched that 2010 60 Minutes story featuring my favorite show in the world: Top Gear.  As “Jessica” played and images of the Dunsfold studio, where the show was filmed, scrolled by, I found myself missing it desperately.  But I’m not supposed to miss Top Gear.  After years of waiting, The Grand Tour is here, and it’s supposed to assuage my sadness.  The only problem is that it doesn’t, because it’s not as good.

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Are There Any Humble Cars Left?

Humble Cars

So this all started when I read Jalopnik’s recent review of the Trabant.  That car, a little East German two-stroke literally made of pressed rags, has fascinated me for some time, and I’m only just starting to figure out why.  The Trabant was a humble car, and the more I think about it, the more I realize that some of my favorite cars fall into this category.  But can you even get a humble car anymore?

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How many crazy pills does it take to understand SEMA?

SEMA Crazy Cars

Ah, SEMA, annual gathering of America’s richest automotive psychotics.  Each November they converge on Las Vegas, bringing with them some impressively customized cars, some clever and tasteful, others subtle as a jackhammer molded out of C4, but all crafted with the excuse of showing off the parts that made them.  I have zero complaints about this, no matter how far over the top these projects have been tossed, but I know that not everyone shares this opinion.  The looniest SEMA cars can be quite polarizing, and many tend to simply dismiss the more measured cars with the mad.  So I’ve devised a rating system to help offer some context to the SEMA uninitiated.

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How Not to Make a Car Costume for Halloween

How Not to Make a Car Costume for Halloween

There was only one answer, really.  I had just bought a 2006 Honda Civic Si, bloated in design and bleached-bone white.  When I remembered that our October Cars and Coffee event would host a Trunk or Treat and that the following day’s autocross would have a car costume competition, the new-to-me Civic had to become its cinematic analogue – the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  I hope I didn’t ruin the car.

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