Think You Have a Carb Problem? Let’s Talk it Out…

If you are blessed with something called a carburetor sitting on your engine, chances are that you know your way around a device that most wouldn’t know any better than some obscure Etruscan artifact. It also means that from time to time, you find yourself called to diagnose a power plant malady of one kind or another, be it a stock or aftermarket carb. Should you have multiple carburetors attached to your engine, you are a saint and have my deepest sympathies.

When it’s time to diagnose a carb problem, these tips always seem to help.

Carburetor Nomenclature

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Common Car Hauling Mistakes and 10 Tips For Preventing Them

Towing is one of the main reasons people buy trucks and large SUVs. However, despite all the towing that people do every day, towing safety is hit or miss. For every smart and safe driver with towing experience, there’s a yahoo throwing caution to the wind and putting everyone in his or her immediate vicinity in danger.

Here are the most common towing mistakes I see, as well as ten towing safety tips that anyone who tows should know.

Common Car Hauling Mistakes
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Affordable Accessories for Work Truck Owners

Do you work out of your truck for a living? If so, you probably don’t think of massive lift kits, fender flares, or custom stereos when you think of “truck accessories.” Odds are, you’re looking for truck add-ons that will improve performance or function. If they improve your truck’s looks? That’s just a nice bonus.

Accessories for Work Truck Owners

Here’s a list of affordable accessories that make sense for work truck owners.
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The Skinny on Waterproof Car Covers

Covercraft has the 1972 MG covered

Everyone agrees that a car cover should protect a vehicle from rain or snow.  This is why many car covers advertise the fact that they stop water completely, going so far as to use plastic barriers that keep moisture “out.” However, a good car cover isn’t supposed to be impervious to water – it’s merely supposed to protect from external water. What any car cover purchaser should want is a cover that acts as a one-way barrier: water shouldn’t be able to drip through, but it should be able to get out.
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4 Steps to a Sound Proof Car

Dynamat 10465
You’re on a mission.  You want to eliminate road noise, noise from outside the vehicle, and all sorts of little vibration and resonance noises that penetrate the cabin of your car.  If you succeed, you’ll achieve the “nerve calming quiet” that a lot of luxury car makers charge top dollar for.

Here’s a quick guide to sound-proofing your vehicle with basic materials and tools.

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Muffler Buying Guide

The humble muffler plays an important role in your vehicle’s exhaust system.  It’s largely responsible for the tone of your engine and your vehicle’s overall noise level, and has some influence on vehicle performance as well.  As you can imagine, choosing the wrong muffler can have a host of bad consequences, which is why it’s a good idea to understand what mufflers do and why they are so important.

Muffler Buying Guide

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Why Are Spark Plug Wires so Important?

Wires. They’re not exactly exciting, are they? When we talk about performance parts, we usually talk about air intakes, exhaust systems, nitrous kits…anything but spark plug wires. However, spark plug wires are vitally important, and a simple upgrade can make a tremendous difference in performance on an older vehicle and/or a vehicle with other upgrades.

The Anatomy of a Spark Plug Wire

Here’s everything you probably never knew you wanted to know about spark plug wires.

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Six 2-Minute Detailing Techniques

Driving a dirty vehicle isn’t fun, especially when you’re proud of your ride. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make time to completely clean your car every time it rains, every time you get some dirt splashed on your rims, etc. The solution? Use some old detailing techniques to keep your car looking reasonably clean until you get a chance to do a serious cleaning.

Detailing Techniques - Dirty Car

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Off-Road Tire and Winch Advice

Are you getting ready to take a trip off the beaten path?  There’s two major, yet simple, things to consider first: tires and winches.  Here’s what you need to know about outfitting your truck or SUV with the right tires and winch for off-roading. Off-Road Tire and Winch - Shannon Campbell for Fox Racing Shox Continue reading “Off-Road Tire and Winch Advice”

5 Sadly Common Towing Disasters from Around the Web

Towing DisastersHere at, we sell a good deal of recovery accessories, from recovery ropes to winches and mounting systems. Because of this, we tend to hear the craziest stories from our shoppers. Here are our top picks of chaotic towing mishaps.

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